That is what we are today. What moves us is far beyond the energy: what moves us is to apply our knowledge to help the growth of people, regions, countries, and especially, businesses. To create solutions which deliver values, not as a currency, but as a priority. To deliver the energy which brings competitiveness and sustainability. To support your business so it can be a reference and do great things.

In practice, we study your business and the way you consume the electricity so we can suggest you the best option that generates savings and performance improvements. After all, where there is energy, there is a better way to use, generate, and trade it.

We are part of the biggest electrical sector group in the world

We are specialists and committed people because we are part of the group CPFL Energia which has been vigorous, for more than 100 years, in the transformation of the electrical energy in Brazil. Since January 2017, our group is part of State Grid, the biggest electrical energy company in the world. This moves us to be even better at what we deliver.

We are CPFL Soluções.
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