Algar Tech

A Brazilian multinational specialized in Information Technology and Communication, Algar Tech lives in innovating. Responsible for taking companies to a more modern and competitive scenario, it was their turn to transform themselves with the modernization of the illumination and air conditioning systems, two solar energy projects, and the migration to the Energy Free Market.

The contract provided for the replacement of 18,000 conventional lamps for LED lamps, the replacement of the gas used in the air conditioning for a lighter and more economic one, and a complete consultancy on energy solutions to help the company on the dimensioning of its needs and on the negotiations with its suppliers.

Moreover, the contract also provided for a partnership with Alsol, an Algar incubated company working on the solar energy sector, for the construction of a solar power plant in the data center of Campinas and the expansion of the current solar plant in the data center of Uberlândia.

Changing the relationship with the energy negotiation.

In order to obtain even greater savings, CPFL Soluções made the migration of the units of Uberlândia, Jaraguá, and Campinas to the Energy Free Market. Algar also contracted the new version of the Energy Management System on the Free Market which includes, among other services, the representation on the Electric Energy Trade Chamber (CCEE), and the production of performance reports.

Trading of 6.61 MW of Incentivized Energy through the Free Market.

18,000 lamps replaced.

3.5 thousand MWh of savings by year.

Enough to supply 1165 thousand families.*
*With a monthly reduction of 300 KWh

Reduction of 547 tons of CO2.
Equivalent to the planting of over 4,000 trees.

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