For a company like Alpargatas, it is essential to keep pace with the good work. Manufacturer of Havaianas and Mizuno, among other sporting goods and shoes, its production depends on a safe and efficient energy supply. That’s why the company found the self-production a way to provide more energy security and productivity for three industrial units in the state of Paraíba.

The project, elaborated by CPFL Soluções, including the installation of the generators, the maintenance of the plants, as well as the reduction on the purchase of electrical energy during peak hours when it is more expensive. Nine generators ensure the continuity of Alpargatas operations.

The companies signed a BOT contract. CPFL Soluções carried out all the investment and took care of all the environmental licensing process and legal procedures with the local distributor to ensure the connection of the units in the electricity network.

9 diesel generators with a capacity of 18 MW.
10 hours of autonomy from the generating units.

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