The Centro de Abastecimento do Estado da Guanabara (Cadeg) received a project completely funded by CPFL Soluções, contributing for a greater autonomy and expressive savings on electrical energy with the installation of a solar system with cogeneration.

The City Market of Rio de Janeiro, as well as many companies in Rio, was suffering from the tariff adjustment of 10% on the energy bill. The solution found was an integration plan between a solar system and a natural gas cogeneration plant which supplies 100% of the needs of the establishment and makes it more independent of the tariff flags.

In order to obtain even greater savings, the contract also provided for the installation of six gas-powered generators, generating electricity for the building during the peak hour, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The solar panels generate energy during the day and the cogeneration starts from sunset to 8:30 p.m. when the energy fee is more expensive.

Besides the implantation of the plants, we were responsible for the entire maintenance of the assets as well. The contract will have a term of 15 years and will be an important step towards implementing this solution on other commercial centers.

[1,8 MWp]
of the solar power plant capacity.

photovoltaic panels.

square feet

[R$ 140,000.00]
on savings
by month.

Energy sufficient to supply
[1,000 homes]
with an average consumption of
[200 KWh by month].

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