Distributed generation

Distributed Generation can turn your company into an generator of electrical energy. It works like a current account: the energy generated is deducted from your account, and the energy not consumed will be converted to a credit to be deducted on your unit or other units of your company, even in different locations. Thus, you can use the savings to invest in your company or industry.


More economy and less impact on the environment.

More economy and less impact on the environment.
Renewable energy is the future that changes the present. Today, it is possible and economically feasible to produce your own electrical energy from renewable sources. You highlight your business as a contributor to a world which is more responsible towards the environment while having expressive savings on your energy bill.

  • Solar Power Plants

    Our main feature. Transform the Sun into sustainable electrical energy which can reduce your bill up to 95% in one of the countries with the greatest solar energy potential.

  • Hydroelectric Power Plants

    Small-sized hydroelectric plants can help you reduce your costs with energy as well.

  • Wind Power Plants

    The power of the wind providing a cleaner, more efficient energy.

  • Natural Gas

    Plentiful, clean, much more economic.

  • Biomass

    Generate energy from organic inputs such as sugar cane, wood chips, among others.