Energy Efficiency

What is the moment of your business? If it needs to grow, to improve energy productivity, to reduce costs or environmental impacts, we want to help you find the most effective solution.

  • Air Conditioning

    Reduce your energy consumption by up to 15% with complete solutions for installation and modernization of air.

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  • Driving Force

    More efficient electric motors by scaling or replacement.

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  • Self-production

    Your insurance against energy drops and rate variation at peak times.

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  • Cogeneration

    Reduce waste by generating different forms of energy from a single fuel.

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Air Conditioning

Reducing costs in a cool way

A good air conditioning system brings economy without impairing the comfort. We offer you a complete solution from the development of the project to the installation and modernization of air conditioning plants which may reduce the energy consumption in up to 15%.

We work with:

  • - Chilled Water Plants (CWP) with the use of electrical or absorption chillers
  • - Air conditioning system by distribution or direct expansion (VRV, VRF, or GHP)
  • - Gas replacement
  • - Thermal accumulation
Driving force

The economy which drives your machines and equipment

The electric motors which move your production can be the key for a more efficient electrical energy consumption. We resize, optimize the operation and, if necessary, we replace your machinery so they can have a better performance and so you can have fewer worries.

We work with:

  • - Electric motors
  • - Industrial systems
  • - Frequency inverters
  • - Thermal accumulation


  • - Optimization of energy consumption
  • - Improvement of the plant power factor
  • - Reduction on the maintenance costs

Energy available, always

Power outages and expensive energy during peak hours are no longer a problem. We assess your facility and propose the ideal solution to bring you more predictability on costs and energy security. We can make the investment on the equipment, on the management, and on the operation of your system so that you have all the comfortableness.


  • - Reduction of electricity costs
  • - System availability in emergency
  • - Operational flexibility (diesel or natural gas)

Make the most of what energy can offer

Your production process can have many inputs for the generation of energy: heat, cold, steam and carbon gas are ideal sources for cogeneration. Through this system, the simultaneous, sequenced production of two or more sources of energy is possible from a single fuel, which prevents waste and reverts in economy for your business.

We work with:

  • - Preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenances
  • - Turnkey or BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) Models.


  • - Reduction of electricity costs.
  • - System availability in the emergency program.
  • - Operational flexibility (diesel or natural gas)