Energy Management

We believe that a proper energy management contributes to the success of your business. Because of this, we want to share our knowledge on energy so you can have the best options to save and to always keep available of such important input.

Our staff is always prepared to help you, whether you are a consumer or a supplier.

What is part of our management?

  • Consultancy

    We want to help you from the moment you decide to contract energy to the moment you receive it. If you need to adjust something on your facilities, as well as some legal, fiscal, or regulatory guidance, count on us too. Our commitment is to take care of it so you can take care of the most important part: your business.

  • Financial Planning

    The energy contract offers you more predictability with the costs of energy. But, to do so, we believe that it is essential for you to have a financial planning for energy. Thus, we provide you support on the creation of the annual budget, the provisioning, and the quotations on the market.

  • Representation in CCEE

    Due to the fact we are part of this market as from the beginning, we believe that we can help you to ensure from the compliance with all the rules to the definition of the best strategies for contracting. Moreover, CCEE has a team dedicated exclusively for CPFL and its clients, making the communication and the troubleshooting even easier.

  • Reports

    Always have in hands relevant information to follow your savings and your energy performance, besides analysis which may contribute to your decisions, in a didactic, transparent, and accessible manner.

  • Contract Management

    Your result also depends on an efficient contract management. Our legal department is available to assist you in contracting energy and possible guarantees.

  • Exclusive material

    We select and direct all the content which is important for you to follow the energy market and to make your connection with the UCE (Unregulated Contracting Environment) easier. All in a didactic, simplified format.