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You can choose your mobile phone operator, the supplier for the raw material you looking for, even the business model being ideal for your plans.
Why would it have to be different for electricity?

In the Energy Free Market, you choose your electrical energy supplier and you have full freedom to negotiate prices, quantities, energy sources, and business conditions so you can save more and have predictability of the costs. We have a team of specialists ready to help you migrate to this model with safety and efficiency.

How the Energy Free Market works

Let’s imagine you could have total freedom to choose how and who you want to negotiate your energy without paying the government energy tax and its variations. That is the Energy Free Market: a free competition initiative which allows you to purchase and sell electrical energy by freely negotiating the prices, the time, and the amount.

  • Captive Market

    A unique energy supplier

  • Captive Market

    More expenses, the fee determined by the regulator, no margin for a price negotiation

  • Captive Market

    If there is no predictability, there is no freedom to negotiate the business conditions

  • Captive Market

    There is not how to choose the source of energy

  • Captive Market

    Your costs with energy are subject to the conditions established by ANEEL* (Brazilian National Agency for Electrical Energy)

  • Free Market

    Freedom to choose who are you going to purchase energy from

  • Free Market

    A proper contract implies the reduction of costs

  • Free Market

    A better provision for your costs with energy without the variation of the regulated fee and the management bound to its consumption

  • Free Market

    Sustainability, you can choose to purchase renewable energy

  • Free Market

    Freedom to negotiate prices and other conditions


Migrating to the Energy Free Market

We know closely the most various forms of generating and trading electrical energy. This expertise is delivered to you with a close consultancy so you can feel okay to make this change.

What do I need to become a free consumer?

Consume medium or high voltage energy

The first step is to define if your energy consumption is in medium or high voltage. The second step is to analyze the demand contracted.

Demand contracted from 500 kW on each unit or sum of various units with the same CNPJ

You will receive the energy generated by renewable sources such as small hydroelectric plants, biomass, wind, among others.

Demand contracted equal or superior than 3000 kW

You can choose any source of energy generation. From large hydroelectric plants to the most modern wind farms


Do you want to purchase or sell energy?

If you want to purchase or sell energy, we have the right option for you. To do so, we analyze your profile and we indicate the alternative that can bring you the best returns.

Why CPFL Soluções?
  • Over 16 years on the Free Market
  • Over 2,000 MWh of energy traded
  • More than 1,200 free customers served
  • The leader in trading renewable energy
  • Integration with projects of energy efficiency and distributed generation
  • Predictability of the costs with energy
  • Maintenance of the economy regarding energy tariff
  • Sustainability with the use of renewable sources
Multi Free Market

This modality is the quickest option regarding migration to the Energy Free Market and ideal for companies having multiple units. We take care of the migration process, the energy management of the units, and the obligations with the CCEE so your company does not need to be an agent of this market. The right choice for whom intends to start in this new model.

Ideal for:
  • Supermarkets
  • Banks
  • Drugstores
  • Franchise networks